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How to choose a resistance band

Resistance band or exercise band is a generic term for flat or tubular elastic rubber equipment used for muscle training.

If you have used only dumbbells for muscle training before, resistance band training will feel different because the resistance is constant and not based on gravity. Because of this, band training feels harder and more effective on your muscles. It feels similar to cable machines but still different because the more you stretch the band or the farther away you stand from the anchor point the harder it becomes to hold.


What will you use the resistance bands for?

1)     General fitness, muscle toning: you can use normal exercise bands

2)     Sport specific training: you have to look for a high level of durability

3)     Rehabilitation or physical therapy: consult your physiotherapist for specific guidance.


What is your actual fitness level?

You have to start with your current level, not what level you want to reach. If you don't use the proper resistance, your training won't be effective and you'll injure your muscles and ligaments.

How can you determine your current fitness level? With free weights, you know exactly how much you're lifting.

But how can you know what bands are the best for different exercises?

You could try them but that won't give you the exact answer. This is one reason why we have developed ResisTrack for you. With ResisTrack you can monitor the strength of your muscles precisely, so you will always know which band to use.


What types of bands are there on the market?

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