Marco with ResisTrack in the hand


6 Disadvantages of Resistance Bands

Compared to dumbbells, we know 13 benefits of resistance bands such as portability, versatility, prevention of cheating, resistance in all directions, injury prevention and recovery, full freedom of movement, imitation of any sports motions, and so on. Find the full list here: 13 benefits of resistance bands.

Beside great benefits there are 6 disadvantages as well but we've solved all of them for you.

Problem #1

With dumbbells, you can see how much weight you're lifting. With bands, there was no reliable way to quantify your training.

The solution: Resistrack measures the exact force on your left and right arms and legs during the whole workout.

Problem #2

It's difficult to select the right resistance level band to your exercises.

The solution: Resistrack will tell you personalised instructions based on your previous workout data, to indicate when and how to increase or decrease the resistance level.

Problem #3

It's difficult to select the right length band to your exercises.

The solution: Resistrack will tell you which length band to use. In addition, we'll provide you 2-in-1 bands with two handles which make a short and a long band, so you don't need to stop and replace bands during exercise.

Problem #4

It's difficult to find and attach the bands to a sturdy anchor in your home.

The solution: with Resistrack, wherever you want to fix your bands, you'll be able to measure the fixing's suitability and carrying capacity before you start any workout. It's much better if the fixing point breaks when you are only testing it.

Problem #5

Sometimes there's nothing around to fix the bands.

The solution: Resistrack will provide you a pair of figure-8 bands, and you can do 18 exercises with them, no need for fixing the bands.

Problem #6

It's boring to count reps.

The solution: Resistrack will automatically count, validate and save your reps.