Marco with ResisTrack in the hand


13 Benefits of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands offer you many training benefits


1 - Easy to adapt

They suit all fitness levels from beginner home users to professional athletes, and they're easy to adapt into your training.

2 - Freedom of movement

Resistance bands provide freedom of movement in all directions and the widest range of motion, too.

3 - Resistance in all directions

With bands, you have to train against resistance in all directions, not only against gravity like dumbbells.

4 - Adjustability on the go

You can adjust the amount of resistance during your workout simply by stepping further from your bands' anchor point.

5 - Affordable equipment

They are one of the cheapest ways to train your muscles.

6 - High portability & easy storage

Bands are lightweight and compact; you can take them with you in your suitcase when you travel, and store them in a small bag at home.

7 - Easy to target any muscles

You can target specific muscles, neglected muscles or entire muscle groups with resistance band exercises.

8 - Sport specific use

You can mimic real sport movements with additional resistance, like kicking, punching, or twisting. This way you can improve your skills in your sports.

9 - Increased coordination

During resistance band training you have to stabilize and balance your body parts involving more muscles in your workout. This improves your overall coordination of muscles.

10 - Versatile training

Your body is adaptable: if you do the same exercises over and over, your body will no longer be challenged, it won't gain or develop. You can vary your workout with resistance bands: ResisTrack gives you 50+ resistance band exercises and 10+ downloadable workouts.

11 - Injury prevention

You can use resistance bands for injury prevention by training isolated muscles which will help surrounding muscles in sporting actions.

12 - Recovery tool

Resistance bands are a superb tool to strengthen muscles after injury; they will help with the recovery in a gentle but effective way.

13 - No more cheating

Dumbbell users often cheat by lifting the weight with momentum; you can't do this with resistance bands because of their constant resistance, so you have to use your muscles all the time.